World Series

Wagering On World Series Focuses On Prop Bets

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The World Series is a grueling event for gamblers of baseball, possibly seven games, spread out over a week and a half, and for the worst of gamblers, the day after day action could prove devastating.

There is some relief, though, for the gambler who wants to try their luck on something more than picking a winner or loser, prop bets.

No, not the extensive list of prop bets that the Super Bowl has, bets such as who will win the coin toss, but prop bets on the actual games themselves.

Odds are available on who will hit the first home run of the World Series, with the favorites being David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez, and Matt Holliday, all at 5-1 odds. The long shot is Jacoby Ellsbury at 18-1.

The MVP race will come down to Josh Beckett and Holiday according to the odds, with Beckett being 5-1, and Holiday 5.5-1.

Anyone thinking that one team is superior to the other, can put their money on a series sweep at 3.8 to 1, and they can also gamble on whether one team will win three straight games, the odds say they will not.

Then, of course, there is every combination of team wins, from Boston in four through seven, with varying odds, to the Rockies in four through seven games.

The games themselves will draw interest because the Red Sox are there, and the Rockies are somewhere they have never been, but for gamblers, they will be back at that familiar spot, watching and hoping that they made the correct picks in their prop bets.…

Catchers Report Today

Wagering on All That is Still Pure, Pitchers and Catchers Report Today

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Wednesday, Major League Baseball had one of the darkest days in its history. Roger Clemens and his former trainer took turns lying on Capitol Hill. Both caring about nothing but proving the other wrong.

Today, one day later, baseball gets to show why it is the national pastime, and why nothing that either Clemens or McNamee said, means anything in the grand scheme of the game.

Pitchers and catchers report today. That indicates a new season of baseball is just around the corner. For children all across America, that just means that their favorite heroes are back on the diamond, the place where children’s dreams come true.

Kids do not care about what is going on with Roger Clemens. Cynics will find ways to dissect who was lying and who was telling the truth, in hopes of coming up with reasons to turn their back on the game of baseball.

The truth of the matter, though, is that baseball will go on. Not only go on by merely existing, but go on by flourishing, as it has for the past ten years.

Attendance is up in baseball stadiums across America. Whatever the damage created from the steroid era, it will never be strong enough to stop the game. People get excited when the five words they have been waiting for since the Fall are uttered.

Pitchers and catchers report today.

Try all you would like to hold back. Then once you give up, just give in. Let that smile of joy created by those five words, make you reflect. Just how much happiness has this game brought into your life over the years.

Upon that reflection, the answer will be quite simple. The names will change this year, there will be no Bonds or Clemens, or Palmiero, or McGwire. What there will be, is the hope of thirty baseball teams, and the millions of fans that cheer for those teams year after year. Unconditionally.…