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GTA online step by step guide –what you should do

Online GTA is involving and fun, especially when you are playing with your friends if you have not played on the online platform before; it is easy to get confused. What do you do when you تحميل لعبة جاتا المصرية, installed, logged online and ready to play? The first thing you should do is to look out for the white dots. Remember, you are playing a multiplayer game and sharing your server with other players. If you see a white dot approaching you at a very high speed, it is best you get ready.  You never know when a person is passing by on their way to work of fleeing from a cop. You are watching out for griefers who might be out for your blood. When they are really close, pull up a gun, find good cover and get ready for whatever is coming your way. Keep in mind that businesses and stores are PVP-free meaning the other player can’t do any harm to you.

The best way to play this game online is the multi-player mode. You can call up a few friends to join you online or simply wait for an invite from people who are already playing. If you are playing with pros, you may not end up completing the mission if you cannot keep up; simple join groups of people who are somehow on the same level. If you can keep up, nothing should stop you from completing the mission. It has been proven that group games can generate up to 20% more in reps that when you are doing a solo run. Playing a mission more than once can help you get a higher score.  if you are aggressive and kill many players, chances of becoming a bounty target and getting killed for the money are pretty high.